Saturday, December 19, 2015

Company Holiday Party 2015

The company I work for hasn't had a holiday party in years but we had one tonight. The party was at Reid Park Zoo in the Conservation Center.

The zoo has their Zoolights event going on in the evenings and Anthony and I walked around for a bit so I could shoot some photos. They don't have most animals out for display during Zoolights but we did see camels. The camels were giving people rides and it made me laugh when Anthony announced that he thought they were stinky. I suggested we go for a ride on one but my idea was quickly shot down. He's not the adventurous type.

At the party there was a selfie wall with some fun things to put on for a photo, there was a bar, and some raffle prizes. Anthony and I both won and I chose an envelope that had car wash coupons. Anthony received a Home Depot gift card. We'll both be able to put these items to good use.

I had fun shooting some photos and mingling with my co-workers. I also ate two cookies. That was exciting because I really like cookies.

Spread of appetizers

Balls in a glass.
Sounds like a date I've had

Cookies! I ate two of them.

Tina and Jesse

Ken and Anthony selfie

Zach, Erica, Anthony

My fat head, Zach, Erica

Anthony, Ina
Bonus: Photo bomb featuring Tina's finger in her eye

Zoo lights at Reid Park Zoo

More Zoo lights at Reid Park Zoo

Even more zoo lights

Strands of lights in the trees

It's a camel!
Anthony didn't want to take a ride.
Sad face.

Camera shy camel

The Zoo lights are pretty


Flowers, ladybug, leaf

This shooting star was choreographed to music

Anthony, and Alex who was scared of the cheese

Live green snake on display in the conservation center

Veronica found something that Alex said kind of funny

I wanted to go in this door but they didn't believe me
when I said that I qualified as an animal

Live turtle on display in the conservation center

Heather made me feel loved.
Or, at least tolerated.

Crowd photo at the party

Mike and his daughter

Leslie and Ina at the selfie wall

Alex, Stephanie, Jason

Jesse, Tina, Heather, Greg

Acknowledging some folks who worked hard on the party

Alex won a s'mores kit in the raffle drawing

I won car wash coupons.
The poomobile will have a Merry Christmas.

Anthony shows off the Home Depot gift card he won
while Jesse the chucklehead photo bombs behind him

Mix and mingle to the jingling beat

Alex gets cozy with an elf, Santa, and Mrs. Claus

The Morning Blend crew takes a turn at the selfie wall.
I moustache you something...