Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Annual sales department pot luck lunch

Food does strange things to people. They'll show up to events just because there is food being served. The food doesn't even have to be delicious. The fact that it's there (and it's free) is enough.

The sales department held their annual pot luck lunch in the conference room today. To their credit, they make some tasty dishes and they feed about one hundred hungry employees throughout the afternoon. Most of us come a-runnin'.

It's amazing to see the random nature of the food that is brought to a pot luck. At this one, the choices ranged from ham to meatballs to asparagus to pumpkin pie to pasta.

I generally avoid eating much at these things because my stomach and I have a hate hate relationship. It hates most everything I feed it and generally punishes me severely for eating things that it normally isn't given. I had a few things I could nibble on at this pot luck and it was still too much. I had a stomach ache all afternoon.

On the flip side, I have a co-worker who had more than two plates of food and probably would have eaten more if she wasn't in danger of shredding her Spanx apart. If I ate the amount of food that she does, I'd spend half of my day in the bathroom. She's a tougher woman than I am.

As I've done in past years, I shot a few photos of the folks I work with piling up their plates in the name of camaraderie and free lunch. It's become a holiday tradition.

Heidi, Rusty and Bobby enjoying
eats and conversation

Tina explains to John that she's just getting started
with her pot luck eating adventure

Heather selects items for her plate while Tina explains her
attack strategy at a pot luck

Terri, Linda, Cindy

Alex the ham slices some ham

Alex scoops beans, John waits for Alex
to finish scooping beans

Heather couldn't wait to get started on her lunch.
Open wide.
Om nom nom