Saturday, December 19, 2015

First visit to Raising Cane's

After attending my company's holiday party, Anthony and I had dinner at Raising Cane's at Broadway and Wilmot here in Tucson on our trip home.

I get curious about new restaurants. It's been open for a few weeks and I wanted to try it out. Specifically, new restaurants that I feel are in my price range. The bill for both of us came to $14.86 which made my wallet happy.

I was a bit underwhelmed. The chicken fingers (I have no idea why they are called that since chickens have no fingers) were fine. Not exciting, but fine. They have a dipping sauce that didn't have much flavor to it but it seemed to be mayonnaise based with some kind of seasoning. It reminded me of the fry sauce I tried a few times when I lived in Utah in the 1990's.

The French fries were the standard crinkle cut variety and bland. I had to go get ketchup.

The highlight of the basket of food was the bread / toast. That was pretty tasty. Overall, I'd rate the food a 6 out of a possible 10.

The ambience of the restaurant did stand out a bit. It has some character including a disco ball that hangs near the cash registers where you order.

Anthony brought half of his dinner home so he could eat it for Sunday breakfast. There's nothing quite like cold chicken and fries to start a day.

Raising Cane's at Broadway and Wilmot in Tucson

Anthony stabs his drink with a straw

Selfie of me drinking Diet Coke through a straw

Toast, fries, chicken, and Cane's sauce

Disco ball hanging in the restaurant.

There's my name on the wall:
"What are 'ya... chicKEN?"