Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Shoot at AT&T

I left the TV station for a couple of hours today for an off-site video shoot at the new AT&T store at Broadway and Wilmot.

It was kind of surreal being there because the last time I stood in that spot it was a Famous Footwear and I was buying shoes (that I still own). The Famous Footwear moved across the street a few years ago and the AT&T space was occupied by a mattress store for a while, and now a shiny new AT&T.

My co-workers Tina and Alex were there, as well as Steve working the camera.

I do have to say it's quite a store. AT&T purchased DirecTV recently so it's not just phones that they sell. You can sign up for DirecTV, they have GoPro video cameras, dozens of smartphone choices with every accessory you can imagine, and they even have drones that are operated by a smartphone app.

AT&T at Broadway and Wilmot

Steve shoots video of a tablet that controls
what you can watch on DirecTV

Tina points and Steve looks

Alex and Tina discuss what Tina
can grab with her right hand

Getting ready for the on camera interview

Tina learns about the new features of the
AT&T store including shiny hanging balls

That's a small drone flying around up by
the lights on the ceiling.
It's controlled by an app on a smartphone.
There really is an app for everything.