Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

After a fun Christmas Eve of house guests, we were back at it for Christmas Day.

We were invited to Patty's (Anthony's mom) for Christmas brunch. The food was delicious and the company was fabulous, too.

After brunch, we made our way back home and Anthony's dad Paul paid us a visit. More gift unwrapping and fortunately, more eating of food. I was worried I wouldn't be able to eat all of the leftovers from Christmas Eve but everyone made a nice dent in what was still left. Anthony doesn't care much for leftovers so it's usually my responsibility to eat leftover food and I struggle to eat it fast enough before it spoils.

I'm posting this blog entry on Christmas night. It's quiet around our house now. Anthony's enjoying his new iPad, JoAnn has gone to her friend's house, and Lucky is wandering around the house somewhere with his new toy making it squeak.

It's supposed to be really cold the next few days in Tucson. It's a good thing Anthony got me warm new socks for Christmas. My feet are going to need the warm fluffiness.

Merry Christmas!

Patty puts taters in the oven

Anthony and JoAnn at Patty's house

The ladies attack the brunch buffet

Eggs, pancakes, ham, taters, and cookies were
a few of the items on the brunch menu

I piled my plate up nicely.
It was all super delicious.

JoAnn and Anthony

Serena and Michael


Patty opens her gifts

It's evening wear for a cold night.
That's a gift that keeps on giving.

Peek a boo

Anthony and I bought her a Home Depot gift card
because she enjoys plants in her yard

Attack of the sweater wearing santa

Patty and I hangin' in the kitchen

Anthony and Serena

My head is almost as large as this holiday tree

Ken and Anthony
with a photo bomb courtesy of Patty

Anthony's friend Bianca delivered a box of honeybuns
to our house during the night.

These will provide breakfast for ol' Ken until the new year

JoAnn bought Lucky a toy for Christmas

He was a little scared of it at first but once he found out
it had a squeaker inside he became very interested

He took it to the bathroom where he would make it squeak
and them whine in the same pitch as the squeaker.

I tried to get him to play fetch with the toy
but he went and got it when I tossed it down the hall
and then took it into the bathroom.
Fetch game over.

JoAnn, Anthony, and Anthony's dad Paul
who paid us a Christmas Day visit

He got a Darth Vader Pez dispenser

He also got a mug

It's been a wonderful Christmas!