Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

Anthony and I had a few guests on Christmas Eve at our house. Anthony's aunt JoAnn, his brother Michael, and Michael's girlfriend Serena.

Anthony made some delicious eats, we swapped presents, had some laughs, and enjoyed their company.

JoAnn is staying in our guest room for about a week during the holidays. It's fun to have the space to have someone stay here. Lucky is not so sure about it though, he doesn't know what to do with himself having another person use the bathroom that he hides in during the day. He's doing as well as he can under the circumstances of having some chaos in the house while being the head case that he always is.

Merry Christmas Eve!

JoAnn and Anthony in their holiday headgear
enjoy a little drink from a little cup

Anthony, JoAnn, and the fat headed one

Our fireplace mantle decked out with presents.
Note the ghetto cardboard wind blocker I put
into the fireplace hole to keep the cold air out.
That's how us poor people do.

Holiday selfie with the fur child

Holiday table set up by Anthony

JoAnn muggin' with her mug

Cloud Atlas DVD gift

Anthony the elf opens his first gift

Anthony opens his big gift:
iPad Mini


Happy face

I got a present!

An iPhone holder for the poomobile

Opening my big gift

Amazon gift card!

Michael and Serena pay us a visit

Michael transforms into Father Christmas

Showing off our Christmas head gear

Anthony bought a telescoping stick that has mistletoe on the end.
Serena and Michael take advantage

Anthony found Michael's 49er stocking in a box in our house
when we moved in and resurrected it for this Christmas

Opening more gifts

Zombie Chia

Anthony was super excited to open this Walking Dead action figure

Michael explains why his thumb hurts.
The thumb met a rose bush and the rose bush won.

Movie theater gift card

Photo Booth Kit
My photos will be even sillier!

Showing off the photo booth kit

Showing them how the selfie screen works on my Sony RX100 3 camera

Anthony baked brownies and I frosted them with green frosting.
I added holiday sprinkles!