Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mr. Forgetful Grouchy Cranky Irritable pants

It's Sunday, which not only wraps up another weekend (where does the time go?!) but is also the day that Anthony and I do our weekly dinner and grocery shopping excursion.

Today we made a stop at Target because Anthony needed new pants for work. I also purchased a $6 pair of sweat pants (it's winter you know), a motion activated candy dispenser for my office, a little Christmas tree decoration for our house, and a couple of other trinkets.

Dinner was at Culver's at Broadway and Prudence, followed by grocery shopping at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco.

I also slept a bunch today, gave Lucky a bath, and watched some Golden Girls episodes during the TV Land Golden Girls marathon. In case you're wondering, Blanche is still a slut.

Anthony headed right for the clearance rack
at the Grant and Tanque Verde Target store.

Here's what $124 worth of merchandise
looks like at the Target check out

Dinner at Culver's, Broadway and Prudence.
This was my order number which is also my age.

Anthony's chicken tenders and cheese curds
and my cheeseburger and fries

That's Anthony's fork diving into the pickle
that was part of my food.
He always eats my pickles because I don't like pickles.

Anthony nibbles on a chicken tender while
a bunch of snowmen on a Christmas wrapped
wall hanging look over his shoulder

Snowflake pretzels at Walmart Market.
"Cool, sweet and creamy" which
sounds like a date I've had

Cheez-It crackers can be educational
thanks to letters from Scrabble Jr.
They can also transport you to back to a
long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Boogie Wipes are the perfect choice
when you have boogie fever

Anthony spotted a bin of emoji pillows

The bin had a bunch of the smiley ones

And, I spotted this one which is my favorite
round yellow emoji.
I bought it... just five bucks.

Anthony holds a Fun Dip fun book
and a huge slice and share Snickers.
He likes to call this "breakfast"

When we reached the check out, I spotted more Snickers
that have funny sayings on them and all of the sayings
apply to Anthony... like this one.

And this one

Oddly enough, he was starting to get cranky from me
holding up the candy bars to shoot photos

The look on his face totally goes with this one.
Thanks for playing along
Mr. Forgetful Grouchy Cranky Irritable pants!