Sunday, December 20, 2015

Valentine's Day candy is on display on December 20

Anthony and I wrapped up another weekend with dinner and a trip to the grocery store.

Tonight's dinner was at Jersey Mike's, the sandwich place on Grant Road near Tanque Verde. We then went to the usual grocery store we shop at -- Walmart Neighborhood Market on Broadway.

The one unusual thing about tonight's excursion was at the grocery store. It's December 20th and Walmart Market already has a bunch of Valentine's Day candy out on display. I haven't even made it to Christmas yet and I'm already feeling the pressure of Valentine's Day. I hope I can sleep tonight.

Jersey Mike's on Grant Road in Tucson

My choice was the Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheese Steak sandwich.
I also got Miss Vickie's chips.
Shout out to Miss Vickie, we've had her as a guest
twice on the TV show talking about her cookbook.

Anthony in a sweater and hat at Jersey Mike's.
It's winter in Tucson you know.

Quaker Quinoa granola bars at Walmart Market.
Quinoa is like little ball bearings of starch.

Plastic dinosaur on the floor at Walmart Market.
Clean up on aisle five

Nobody drinks coffee plain anymore.
Thanks to Coffee-mate, it can now taste
like Snickerdoodle or chocolate chip cookies.

I'll make mincemeat out of you!

Someone left a big jar of cheese balls with the cookies.
It's like looking at a cheese ball's butt.

It's December 20th and just in time, the folks at
Walmart Market got the Valentine's Day candy out.

Someone left a sack of green beans from the produce department
at the check out next to the candy bars.
A wise decision.
Candy bars will make you happier.

Here's a candy bar that knows Anthony well:

Yooooo Anthony, I found this for you.
"Drama Mama"