Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dinner at Cheddars minus Payton

Anthony and I had dinner tonight at Cheddar's next to El Con Mall.

We were supposed to have dinner with Payton, who is moving from Tucson to Phoenix. He wouldn't respond to our late afternoon Facebook and text messages and he missed out. Payton is the young man who stayed with us for a few months in the spring of 2014. I'm not clear as to why he's moving to Phoenix except he has family up there he wants to live with or close to. That's what Anthony tells me.

Anth and I enjoyed a nice dinner. They make good food at Cheddar's. It's the second time we've eaten there and it was pretty busy probably because it's a Saturday night.

I found it amusing that Anthony did the same thing today that he does every time we go out to eat. He eats about half of what he orders then suddenly is so full he exclaims "I'm bloated" or something like that and he is at capacity. If we eat at a sit down style restaurant, he always brings food home in a leftovers box to eat later because he can't finish what he orders. It's a good thing we rarely travel because his suitcase would be full of half eaten leftovers to take on an airplane. I don't think security is ready to deal with cold food in a Styrofoam box smelling up a plane.

Anthony had chicken tenders, I had a bacon cheeseburger, and we had chips and queso as an appetizer. He also had a cocktail. Overall, it was a nice dinner and conversation.

Sorry you missed out on dinner, Payton. I was buying.

Anthony busted out his wooly green hat for tonight's
dinner at Cheddar's. It's an authentic sign of winter.

Anthony's cocktail drink.
He skillfully fished out a cherry using
nothing but a straw and his wits.

Chips, queso, and salsa appetizer

Anthony's chicken tenders platter.
They make their own ranch sauce there
which is mildly spicy.

My bacon cheeseburger and fries.
They must have a lot of people like me who eat there.
They separated the vegetables from the burger
so I didn't have to take them off of the burger
before I ate it.

There's a big fish tank in the middle of the restaurant.
This random guy was holding a small child up
to see the fishies swimming around.
It was super cute.