Sunday, January 3, 2016

Solo Sunday to start the New Year

It's a new year and I'm the same old person. That includes the same habits.

I look forward to having dinner once a week with Anthony outside of the house. He wasn't feeling well so I ventured out alone for dinner and to do our weekly grocery shopping. It's not as fun when I'm alone. I tell a joke, and I have to laugh at it myself because no one is there to hear it.

I ate dinner at Arby's and then did grocery shopping at Walmart Market. I was glad he wasn't there when I was standing in line at the store. Anthony has no patience for waiting for anything and it was one of the slowest lines I've been in for quite a while. I missed him the rest of the time, though.

I like Walmart Market's prices but every store I've been in must have a policy for employees not to move very quickly. If I worked as slowly as they do my company would need two more of me to get the same amount of work done I accomplish by myself.

I hope Anthony feels better by next weekend. It's much nicer eating dinner out with someone than alone. I need his eye rolls when I tell jokes... it reminds me that I'm not as funny as I think I am.

Dinner at Arby's, Speedway and Pantano.
This is where Anthony would have been
sitting if he was able to join me for dinner

Potato cakes and a Classic Roast Beef sandwich.
This tray looks lonely without Anthony's
food on it, too.

Reduced fat Oreo cookies at Walmart Neighborhood Market
I do not understand the concept of reduced fat cookies.
If I'm going to eat a cookie I want it to be full of
fat, sugar, and throw me into a near diabetic coma

Shopping alone at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
Anthony would be in this picture if he was here

Alone at the super slow Walmart Market check out.
Instead of looking at Anthony's friendly face, I was
stuck with this girl's oversized butt

Driving home from the grocery store I was behind this
pickup truck with a Christmas tree in the back.
Maybe they are starting early for Christmas 2016.