Saturday, January 9, 2016

C-c-c-cold winter storm in Tucson

We've had a few days of wintery weather in Tucson. It hasn't snowed in the city limits but it did in the mountains north of Tucson. But, it's been cold outside and rainy.

There were a lot of people who attempted to go up to Mount Lemmon, which is northeast of Tucson, to ski or snowboard but it's only a two lane highway to go up there and the traffic was overwhelming. The Pima County Sheriff Department had to close the road after it was too crowded up there and too many people attempted to make the trip. I didn't make the attempt to go. It's kind of difficult to ski or snowboard when you don't own skis or a snowboard.

A few photos from the weekend storm:

Snow on the mountains north of Tucson
as seen looking north from Swan Road and River Road

Snow on the mountains as seen from my backyard

Cactus down.
We will rebuild.

Cups on neighbor's cactus.
We will rebuild.

Puddle in my driveway.
We will rebuild.