Sunday, January 10, 2016

How I scored new sheets for free

Anthony was back in the passenger seat for the drive to dinner and groceries tonight. We also went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to shop for new bedding today.

The magical part of today's shopping was how I scored free bed sheets. The set we chose at Bed Bath and Beyond was $200.00 for a nice set of 750 thread count sheets. We really needed new ones and I decided to splurge. Fast forward to when we were leaving Fry's Market and on a whim I bought a $20 Arizona Lottery scratcher ticket. When we arrived home, I scratched the card and won $200. That paid for the sheets!

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

Following Anthony into Bed Bath and Beyond
on a quest for new bedding

It's soooo difficult to decide but we did
end up with a new $200 750 thread count sheet set

Dinner at Smashburger on Grant Road

Like a jackass, I accidentally spilled my soda
on the floor.

My bacon cheeseburger Smashburger and fries

Anthony still eats his fries with a fork
like a cultured human being

Call the police. I'd like to report a salt on a table.

Anthony picks out a tomato at Fry's Market

Pretending to eat an onion whole

I used to eat sandwiches with Ham and Cheese Loaf
quite often when I was a kid.
They put both together to save time!

Purple lawn chairs above the freezers.
You can't buy one unless you're nine feet tall to reach up there.

Scratching off the Arizona Lottery scratcher ticket

Look what I've got! A winner!

That's the $200 winning square! Free sheets!