Saturday, December 13, 2014

Winter rain storm in Tucson on 12/13/14

Today's weather in Tucson can be described in one word: Hideous. We sank into the miserable cold wet depths of winter in what seemed like a matter of a few hours.

As we're getting settled in to the house, I'm continuing to learn random things about the property. One thing that never occurred to me until it's rained... is that there are no gutters on the house. The rain comes right off the edge and it can be a moist experience going in and out of the doors. Plus, the puddles that immediately form at the edge of the house make for damp shoes.

Lucky has never liked staying out in the rain, but he is pretty efficient at going out in it, peeing and pooping, and immediately jetting to the door to be let back in. His issue with rain is the weird noises it makes against whatever building he happens to be in. He hated the rain and storm noises when he was in the apartment at Ridgepointe, and he doesn't like it at the house.

The rain storm rolled through in a few hours, but it caused the temperature to plummet to a sucktastic level. I hate cold weather.

It'll be sweater, coat, wooly hat, mittens, and craptastic weather until March.


Winter rain falls off the gutterless roof
of the house

Puddle below the edge of the roof

More puddles

The rain dampens Anthony's enthusiasm
for the Kenparazzi