Sunday, December 7, 2014

I ate a Yumbo

I had the opportunity to try a Yumbo this week.

The Yumbo was originally on the Burger King menu in 1974. It's a hot ham and cheese sandwich. In the 1970's, it was on a round sesame seed bun and just had sliced ham and two melted pieces of cheese.

Burger King has brought the Yumbo back to it's menu for "a limited time". It's now served on the same hoagie bun that they put the chicken sandwich, the spicy chicken sandwich, and the extra long barbecue burger. This time around it has black forest ham, melted cheese, lettuce, and mayo. I don't remember them from when I was a kid (I was 8 years old in 1974) but I wish I had.

It's fantastic.

I have always loved hot ham and cheese sandwiches. When I was a kid and our family travelled to Lincoln, Nebraska for whatever random reason from Kearney (it was a 120 mile trip east from where we lived), we often went through the Arby's drive thru (there was no Arby's in Kearney at that time, now there are two) and I usually ordered a hot ham and cheese and potato cakes. Sadly enough, Arby's now only offers the hot ham and cheese on their kid's menu.

I have always loved ham, and always loved cheese. It's a combination that is at the level of awesome.  I highly recommend it. And, if you read my blog occasionally, you know that I have an extremely weird diet because I constantly seek foods that don't upset my stomach (which there are not a lot of). Hot ham and cheese has always treated my insides well.

Thanks Burger King for bringing back a winner. I wish you'd keep it around forever.

The Burger King Yumbo
The employee that wrote "Yum"
on the wrapper described it perfectly.

The Burger King Yumbo unwrapped.
Sure, it looks messy...
but it tastes fantastic.
(Sounds like a date I've had)