Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's a gas gas gas

Anthony doesn't like to pump his own fuel.

Some people find the smell of gas disgusting, and it's kind of a dirty job. I read an article recently that gas pump handles have a high level of bacteria because gas station operators rarely clean them.

I have a very low level of concern about bacteria. I tend to wash my hands regularly, and I've eaten dropped food from the floor more times than I can count. I figure that some exposure to bacteria helps to boost my immune system. I rarely get sick so I am delusional enough to think that my thought process has merit although I would probably avoid licking a flu patient. I don't get the opportunity to try that very often though.

I help Anthony out occasionally by riding along to the gas station and doing the dirty work. It makes him happy, I'm happy to help him out, and pumping gas is cheap entertainment.

The only thing that didn't make him happy was my attempt at taking his picture while he was sitting waiting for me to put the fuel in the car. I thought it was a small price to pay for my time and labor, but I was the only one who thought that. He wasn't having the Kenparazzi today.

It's tough work being so darned creative.

At Circle K at Pima Street and Beverly
putting fuel into Anthony's SUV.

A picture of Anthony's sleeve, hand,
and a wet rain covered window.
It's okay Anthony, I'm just outside
in the freezing cold rainy weather
pumping your gas while you
sit in the comfortable car.