Thursday, December 25, 2014

First Christmas in the Hampton house

We may not be settled into the house we're moving into on Hampton (it's the house I've been referring to that we're renting near Grant and Swan, but from now on, I'm referring to it as the "Hampton House" since it's on Hampton, and it will help you follow along with my stories), but it's Christmas so we hosted some of Anthony's family today.

Hopefully they didn't look in every room. There are still boxes that need to be unpacked and plenty of stuff yet to put away.

We had Christmas dinner with them first at Golden Corral on 22nd and Columbus. I haven't eaten at a Golden Corral in about 30 years so I really didn't know what to expect. It was stupidly busy in there, and it's not exactly intimate dining, but I didn't want Anthony to cook dinner at our house considering that he had rotator cuff surgery two days ago. So, when the option to eat out was presented, I voted yes.

They have a ridiculous amount of food choices. That is a good thing with seven people in our group. I was excited that they had ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, and they had some delicious banana pudding, too. I have simple tastes, you know.

After dinner, everyone came over to our place and we chatted, decorated a few cookies, and there were some presents exchanged between members of his family.

It was fun having a few guests, and I'll be happier about having more once we get the rest of the house dialed in.

Merry Christmas!

On our way to dinner...
not much traffic at Grant and Swan.

It's a Christmas miracle....
Anthony wanted to drive!

Circle K was open at Grant and Columbus
and Anthony needed to buy a couple of things.
It's not easy finding places open on Christmas.

Anthony double fisting
a bunch of soda on his
way back to the car.

That guy could win an ugly shirt contest
with that thing he's wearing.

Anthony spent half of the drive to Golden Corral
cussing at this woman in front of us
because she was driving 5 mph
below the speed limit.

The line at Golden Corral was long.
Heh heh I said long.

My plate of food at Golden Corral.
That roll was ridiculously good.

Paul, Mike, and Anthony

JoAnn, Joe, and Lisa

We are going to drive home from
Golden Corral, but first,
we're taking a selfie.

Gas is getting cheeeeeap!
This was at the Circle K at
Speedway and Swan.

Decorating cookies in our kitchen

Good decorating is an art.
Even bad decorating is an art.

Anthony works with a round cookie....

...and he turns his cookie into a guido.

Anthony's dad looks like the Unabomber.

Lucky is scared of the Unabomber.

Joe creates a swirly maze design.

The decorated cookies

Anthony and our guests in our Great Room

Anthony receives calendars.
His family knows him well!