Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last day of 2014

Since I'm no better than the rest of the world, I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on 2014 (everyone else does it) since it's the last day of the year.

When the year started, I thought that 2014 was going to be epic in some way. I had this vision that I'd somehow end up with a windfall of money (that's what us poor people do every year, you know), or travel to an exotic place, or become famous for something. I've been reminded as the end of the year came that my skills for predicting things suck.

If I had to describe this year in one word it would be: Difficult.

At work, we had a total staff turnover on the show. Even though it created more work for me, it did make the working conditions better. A new set of people has given me the opportunity to be far more effective at my job than I ever have.

The later part of the year was the toughest. Anthony had rotator cuff surgery, and we wrestled with the decision to move from the apartment to a house... ultimately deciding to do it. The move itself was weeks of hard work and labor, we went way over budget, and finally turned the keys in for the apartment two days ago. I wasn't sure at times we were going to get it done.

I do feel like I accomplished a couple of things I wanted to this year. I've spent a lot of time shooting photos and writing in this blog. I've done the best job of any year in 2014 documenting my experiences. I've nearly doubled the page views this year so somebody has been looking at the crap I write. I really enjoy this project because it's solely my own and I feel every second I spend on it is rewarding. I'm not really talented at this (or anything, for that matter), so the only way that I can get any better at it is investing the time. I was able to accomplish that in 2014.

I also didn't miss a day of work this year. Not many people can say they've had perfect attendance. The show hosts gave me crap on the air a few days ago for not taking a vacation. I haven't needed one anyway.

Even though 2014 wasn't a very spectacular year (by my standards), I'm grateful I didn't get sick or am not dead. It's the little things.

The last photos I'm posting for this year are a collection of products I found during various trips to the grocery store which I thought that Anthony might be interested in (I pretended he'd be interested in, he was actually quite annoyed that I chased him around with them in my hand.... which made it way more fun for me). It turns out that he wasn't excited about Vagi-Care, hemorrhoid relief, women's vitamins, or a pregnancy test this year. I'm still in a state of disbelief.

Cheers to the end of another year.

Hey Anthony,
do you need itch and irritation relief?

Hey Anthony, do you need
predictable overnight relief?

Hey Anthony, do you need fast pain relief
with soothing aloe?

Hey Anthony, do you need
a soft, easy to use bottle?

Yoohoo, oh Anthony,
this promotes free urinary flow
and a healthy sex life.

Hey Anthony, could you use some
support for your metabolism?

Hey Anthony, I found these
Poison Ivy Relief Pads for you.

Hey Anthony, I found something
that will help you determine
if you're ovulating.

Hey Anthony, are you too old
for gas relief?

Hey top of Anthony's head,
I found something to help you feel fresh.

Hey Anthony, I found you a product
to improve your health... back there.

Hey Anthony, I know I asked you on a previous
trip to the store, but are you sure you don't
need an enema?

Hey Anthony, are you late?

Hey Anthony, are you interested
in having a fresh clean feeling
when we get home from the store?