Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Abandoned car at Ridgepointe

I've taken plenty of photos of what I've considered oddities at Ridgepointe in the four years living there. I've always been an observant person, and I keep an eye out for things to take pictures of that I think are interesting or unusual. We may be moving out, but I'll still keep looking until the last day we're there.

There is a car that is two spaces over from our assigned parking space that has been there since summer. It hasn't moved, has cobwebs underneath it, the windows have been open the whole time, it's now filthy, and I've wondered if it is either totally dead or was stolen and left there.

There's a tire in the back seat, and a card someone left on the windshield that offers to buy it. Someone else has noticed that it's been sitting there for a long time.

I keep imagining that there's a dead body in the trunk. That would make a spectacular story.

As one of the last rounds of photos in honor of the many interesting things I've seen while living at Ridgepointe, here's the car in all of it's dead abandoned glory.

White abandoned Acura at Ridgepointe

The abandoned Acura is looking
a wee bit filthy.

It does have current registration...
and maybe a dead body in the trunk?
I can only wish to make the
story more interesting.

"Cash For Cars"
card left on the windshield.
"Running or not !!!"
I think the "not !!!" would apply here.