Monday, December 15, 2014

Back for more Yumbo

Anthony and I enjoyed Sunday evening fine dining (I call it that) at Burger King at Grant and Alvernon, followed by grocery shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market across the parking lot.

I enjoyed my second Yumbo since Burger King brought them back a few weeks ago. I am a lover of hot ham and cheese, always have been. There was no doubt when I walked in the door what I would be ordering.

One thing that was really nice.... an employee brought us a couple of Hershey's Sundae Pies while we were eating, for free. Those things are delicious. It was a really kind gesture, and wasn't for anything more than we happened to be eating there. Sundae pie on Sunday. It was meant to be.

I shot a few photos at Walmart Market as well as at Burger King. It wouldn't be a traditional Sunday night without the pictures!

My dinner date for fine dining
at the Grant and Alvernon Burger King.

Yumbo and fries

The Yumbo goes into the dumbo.

Surprise free dessert at Burger King.
Hershey's Sundae Pie...
on a Sunday.

Sex in a triangle shaped box.

Walmart Neighborhood Market
at Grant and Alvernon.
I don't know how big pot sized is...
looks large enough to smoke.

Food Should Taste Good crackers.
Considering the picture, I bet the box
the crackers come in is more delicious.

Nuts taste better when they
are more than just salty.

Vaginal moisturizer and odor control.
Despite my best effort, I was not successful
at convincing Anthony to take a picture
with this box.
He really knows how to crush this
obnoxious boy's dreams.