Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Light at the end of the apartment

There are two weeks left until we have to turn in the keys to the apartment at Ridgepointe. It will end a four year run living at that address (and an over two month process to move out).

I posted pictures of a few remaining items on Facebook yesterday that we decided not to move to the house. I offered them for free to whomever would pick them up. A lovely woman named Margaret took me up on the offer and took the ottoman, futon, and coffee table. All I have left is to transport the bed to the house and clean and it will be ready to hand over the keys to the complex management.

I'll miss the place. It had character. I lived near some characters. Most of the neighbors were nice, a few were noisy, and a few were odd. There were some attractive ones to look at along the way as well.

It had challenges sometimes including the roof leak when we first moved in that took four months to repair, the light poles that always fell down, noisy air conditioning/heating unit, and my cell phone signal for calls was difficult. It was also a long way from the parking lot and up 20 stairs. Carrying groceries in from the car often caused numb fingers from having to hold heavy bags that long and that far.

There were plenty of positives. The staff who runs the complex is fantastic. The landscaping there is pretty nice. The apartment itself has kind of a cozy feel and the layout was really cool. It was only 2.2 miles away from the KGUN building so it was a quick commute. The view of evening sunsets from the balcony facing west were often spectacular.

I'm not looking forward to the cleaning (oven cleaning sucks!) but it's the last part of the moving process (which began on October 25, it's taken a while). I'll be glad to have it done and settle in to the house. If nothing else, I'll finally bring the vacuum cleaners over from the apartment and get some cleaning done at the new place. Now, I'll just have to find which box I packed my French maid uniform in.

I'll miss the spectacular view of
sunsets from the Ridgepointe parking lot.

I'll also miss the beautiful mountain views
from the parking lot looking north

The coffee table now has a new home

The ottoman now lives somewhere else

The futon is no longer there.
I farted on it a few times, I hope
the new owners don't notice.