Thursday, December 4, 2014

That was a nutcracker

One of the guests I booked this week on the TV show was a local dance group who is putting on their annual performance of The Nutcracker.

The little boy in me snickers every time I hear the word nutcracker, since I picture in my head an injury to a male's nut sack. In this case, it's the iconic holiday dance and music production.

The area that a performance can be staged in is very small on our set, so viewers got a short preview of the production with a small cast of dancers.

The young ladies that do the dancing are very talented, and dancers are similar to gymnasts -- they are thin and muscular, plus graceful and spectacular at what they do.

I shot some pictures of the segment while they were on:

If I tried to do this pose
I'd have ten smashed toes.

There was a lizard that peed on the floor
once that appeared on the show.
I hope that's not the same
spot where they put their hands.

She looks very "hoppy"

Arizona Dance Theatre
with a taste of the Nutcracker
on TV.