Sunday, December 14, 2014

First visit to Pizza Studio

Anthony and I tried the new location for Pizza Studio this evening for dinner. The location we visited is the second one in Tucson on Grant a block west of Tanque Verde (across from Target). They have another one down near the University of Arizona campus (we haven't tried that one, so this was the first visit to Pizza Studio for us... period).

There are several of these types of pizza restaurants that have opened recently in Tucson. Pieology is another, which is located at Speedway and Park. The concept for both is pretty much the same.

I could best describe it as a combination of Chipoltle, Subway, Jimmy Johns, and Quiznos -- but pizza. You choose your crust (they only make thin so it can cook super fast), what kind of cheese you want, what kind of sauce you want, then your toppings as many or as few as you want, for one price. They even have a selection of seasonings they'll sprinkle on top for an added unique flavor.

Since the weather was hideous today, it didn't surprise me that it wasn't very busy. There were more employees than customers in the restaurant. But, I'll be honest, I would much rather have it that way. We've never enjoyed eating in a packed joint.

One of the amusing moments of the visit occurred just after we walked in. There was a kid sitting on the floor in the corner either pouting, napping, or just generally unhappy. His mom was keeping an eye on him, but it was obvious to me this isn't the first time he's pulled a stunt like that and she's figured out the best way to deal with it is to let it ride. I took a picture of him, so his little tantrum is now internet famous.

Ordering the pizza was pretty easy, it was cooked quickly, and I thought it was tasty. I ordered a pie with ham, bacon and mushrooms with traditional pizza tomato sauce. Anthony ordered a pizza with basil, tomatoes, and it looked like a salad on a pizza.

We ordered two pizzas, a peanut butter cookie, and two drinks and the bill came to $18.44. I thought that was a pretty good deal. Pizza, with the exception of Little Caesar's or frozen pizza like Totino's, is generally an expensive dinner.

Pizza Studio is in a little strip mall that also includes a Verizon dealer, Sport Clips, and a soon to be open Jersey Mike's sub shop. I've heard good things about Jersey Mike's, I'm looking forward to trying that out when it opens.

Bottom line for Pizza Studio: It's good. I'd go again.

One other note about Pizza Studio: They do something cool for those in the arts community -- they have space on their wall where you can display your painting or photograph, and list your contact info and what price you'd sell it for. There was some pretty nice pieces on the wall there. If I ever shot a photo that I thought was worth any money, I'd take a shot at trying to sell it. In the meantime, you get to enjoy my clumsy little photographic exploits for free on this website.

You're welcome.

Strip mall that includes Jersey Mike's
and Pizza Studio west of
Tanque Verde on Grant Road

Menu info inside the door of Pizza Studio
and a random child pouting on the floor.

I feel like this every time
I see myself naked.

Anthony chooses his crust
at Pizza Studio


This thing cooks pizza in about 2 minutes.

Pizza Studio sign inside the restaurant.
That round thing at the top
looks like a Ritz cracker.

Pizza Studio allows "starving artists"
to display their art for sale on the walls.
I'll take the one that looks like a guy
drinking a soda at the bottom.
I'll have to negotiate the price though,
it looks way too expensive.

My pizza at Pizza Studio:
Ham, bacon, and mushrooms

Anthony's pizza at Pizza Studio:
Tomatoes, basil, and onions

Anthony the pizza model

Interior shot of Pizza Studio
at Grant and Tanque Verde.
The woman on the right in the white with
black sleeves was the mom of the kid
who was on the floor by the front door.
He was still on the floor when we left.

People going through the line at Pizza Studio

Bonus photo:
Anthony skipping down the aisle
at Target holding a Keurig K-Cup
under brewing device storage thingy.
He'd marry his Keurig if he could.