Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It feels weird going to a different grocery store

After Anthony and I had dinner at Mama's Hawaiian Bar-b-cue on Sunday, we went grocery shopping at the Fry's store at Grant and Swan instead of one of the Walmart Neighborhood Market stores in Tucson.

I have shopped at Fry's before, but it's been a long time. I was reminded of a few things that are much different about Fry's than Walmart Market:

-  Shoppers at Fry's are in no hurry. For example, there was a woman in the frozen foods department who spent close to five minutes trying to decide between two of the exact same brand and variety of pot pies. I know it was this long because she was blocking the doors of the frozen dinners I wanted to buy. Her dilemma it turned out: One row of the pot pies was slightly larger and 20 cents more than the other. That sort of thing happened all over the store. It's a leisurely stroll through the store kind of shopping experience... which sucks when we just wanted to get the stuff we normally do and jam on home to watch Bar Rescue.

- They have a bunch of merchandise at Fry's other than food. That's helpful I suppose if you need kitchen related stuff in addition to food, but it takes much longer to get through the store and the aisles are narrower in Fry's as a result.

- Fry's has an organic foods section. Who needs that?

- Prices are higher.

- My cart had a limp.

In the end, I still got food for the week and didn't die from the experience. It was fun to go someplace different, but I still prefer Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Candy Cane cookies.
It must be the holiday season.

Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut coffee
This is truly a marvel of modern technology:
Putting donut flavor into the coffee.
I love how the window behind the woman's
head on the box says "Nut House"

Hershey's, Almond Joy, Mounds pudding.
This totally looks like an invention
created by a stoner.

Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwiches.
They're "thick and creamy".
Sounds like a date I've had.

I bought the A&W root beer float
ice cream topper.
It's freakin' amazing.

Air Wick Cinnabon.
My bathroom now smells like
the food court at the mall
after I take a dump.

Nothing says "Happy Holidays"
like masking your poo odor
with frosted vanilla cupcake delight
air freshener.

I know that "Frozen" movie is all the rage,
but it seems like Pillsbury is trying
waaaay to hard with this cookie dough.

Olive buffet at Fry's.
This would move up to the level of awesome
if it was next to a martini buffet.

I bought Anthony a new Keurig
coffee maker for his birthday.
He stood in front of the rows of coffee
at Fry's for several minutes dreaming of
the insane amount of options.
I'd better look for a second job
to pay for all of the coffee he's
going to want to buy.