Saturday, June 28, 2014

When a sausage gets old

One of the items I purchased when Anthony and I were at Walmart Neighborhood Market on Sunday was a package of Guy Fieri's Smoked Sausages.  They come four in a package for $3.78.  I normally wouldn't spend that much for a pack of sausages but I wanted to try them so I splurged.  Plus, I can make them stretch 3-4 dinners.

I opened the package Monday night and microwaved two of them.  To my horror, when I put the remainder of the package back into the refrigerator, I noticed they had an expiration date of June 17.  That was six days prior.

Many items can be used after their expiration date without issue.  Meat can get a little scary because meat related items tend to have a short shelf life in the refrigerator.  I took a good sniff and they didn't seem rancid.  The Guy Fieri sausages have all kind of fancy herbs and all I could smell was a meat smell and those herbs.  Maybe that's part of Guy's plan.  He can sell his sausages beyond their normal shelf life disguising whether they're edible or not with herbs.

I decided to take a gamble.  I already had two of them spinning around on the turntable inside of the microwave.  I wasn't about to waste $3.78.  So, I put them on buns and ate them.  I figured if I died from eating the expired sausages, Anthony could sue and never have to work another day in his life.
Lucky would have enough money to eat gold plated dog food.

The gamble was successful.  I didn't get sick.  So, I had already taken the plunge with the first two.  I ate the third one on Wednesday, and the last one (pictured below) on Friday (ten days after expiration).

I've decided that I'm not going to buy any more Guy Fieri sausages.  They weren't the best I've ever had, weren't the worst. They were the only sausages I've ever eaten past their expiration date.  I'll stick with Oscar Mayer cheese hot dogs. At least they have enough nitrates and preservatives to last a long long time.

A ten day past expiration Guy Fieri Smoked Sausage.
At least the bun was fresh.