Thursday, June 26, 2014

Anthony passed his class

Anthony took a college class this summer and it was more difficult than I think he expected.

The longer it went, the louder the groans and moans got, the later the nights got, and the worrying that went with it all got.

To his credit, he rose to the occasion.  He passed (it was a pass / fail).  He also knows more about a long list of math equations that I can only wonder about.  In my line of work, addition and subtraction is pretty much all that is needed.

There was homework strewn all over the apartment on Thursday.  The aftermath of hours of long work.  And, it was the one class he needed to take so he could apply to graduate school so he's ready.

Homework on the kitchen counter

Homework on the toaster oven

Homework on the couch

Homework on this end table