Sunday, June 8, 2014

Freaky Fast with salsa, abandoned Oreos, and Hannah Montana

Anthony and I had our usual Sunday night dinner and grocery store excursion tonight.  Two things were different:  Payton has moved out and into his own place so it was just Anthony and I doing the Sunday night excursion for the first time since late April, and we had the dinner part at home.

Anthony ordered us Jimmy John's sandwiches to be delivered to our apartment.  He's working on a major homework project for the college class he's taking this summer and wanted the extra time we would have used eating out to work on his math equations.  I like Jimmy John's, but the roast beef sandwich I ordered seemed kind of boring so I put some leftover salsa from last night's Paco's Mexican Food burrito dinner on it.  That improved it somewhat.

We did our grocery shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft.  It was kind of busy tonight.  I thought people might be home watching the NBA finals game but apparently it's not the kind of TV event that keeps people glued to their sets like the Superbowl does.

Anthony's Jimmy John's sandwich and chips
next to Lucky's pillow on the couch.
He scarfed his sandwich so fast I didn't have a chance
to take a picture before it was almost gone.

Here's my number 2 sandwich (roast beef)
from Jimmy John's neatly packaged in it's wrapper.

Did you know if you want to get your sandwich
from Jimmy John's cut in half you have to request it?

I jazzed up my Jimmy John's sandwich with salsa
I had leftover from last night's Paco's Mexican Food burrito.

Natures Way Banana Keeper at Walmart Neighborhood Market
They charge $3.42 for a device that elevates bananas
a few inches above your counter.
That's American ingenuity at work!

Anthony's closes his eyes to pick a juice.
Considering the amount of choices, it's easier that way.

Cheerios Protein
Food fads never cease to amaze me.

Chewy crème filled Chips Ahoy
Birthday Frosting and Oreo Crème filled.
I decided to try the birthday frosting kind
and they're a lot more exciting in the picture than in my mouth.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Glam Gloves
Because when you're scrubbing an oven,
looking fabulous is top priority.

I caught Anthony leaving a package of Oreos
with the reseal containers because he didn't the cookies anymore.
I asked him what he was doing, and he said, "What?!"

You can't smoke this kind of Mary Jane.

Hannah Montana backpack
Gee, Miley grew up so fast.
Now she smokes marijuana with her no-no parts
but she's still Forever a Star.

Here are two truly southwest ice cream flavors:
Blue Bunny Cuatro Leches and Hot Chocolate Con Churros
I don't think you'd find these in New Hampshire.

Totino's Bold Buffalo Chicken style pizza
This pizza could win a bar fight.

I was so excited that he was picking out cheese pizzas
that cost $1.36 each.
Congratulations Anthony, you're learning how to buy cheap crappy food like Ken.
He's such a good student.