Sunday, June 1, 2014

Payton eats two weiners

It's Sunday, the weekly trip to eat an early evening dinner and shop for some groceries.  Since Payton is still staying with us, he joined us for the excursion.

We had dinner at eegee's at Broadway and Sarnoff.  It's one of the older eegee's locations and could use a remodel.  But, the food as always is good and the guy who helped us was super nice.  Poor guy was exhausted, he couldn't stop yawning.

I wasn't very hungry so I had a small roast beef sub, Anthony had a bigger sub and fries, and Payton had two chili dogs and a Mango Tango and Strawberry eegee frozen drink.  Being the silly guy that I am, I found it funny to see him stuff the wieners into his mouth.  Sometimes eating can turn accidentally naughty.

We went to Walmart Neighborhood Market a block east at Broadway and Camino Seco for grocery shopping.  As usual, I spotted a few unusual products to photograph.

It was 105 outside today so it wasn't the most comfortable to be out in but we got the job done.

Anthony drives us to eegee's and Walmart Neighborhood Market.
I think he was trying to kill me because he kept turning down the A/C.

Sneaky photo of Anthony while walking behind him.
eegee's at Broadway and Sarnoff provides the photo bomb.

Open wide Payton, here comes a spoonful of eegee.
Photo bomb: Unsuspecting customer with bad moustache

Their lack of enthusiasm is contagious.

This sign, "Watch For Cars", is on the east side of eegee's.
Good advice if you're trying to time your walk out the door to get run over.

Payton takes a mouthful of a chili dog.
The chili dog wants to marry him now.

Pretzel hamburger buns at Walmart Neighborhood Market
These were surprisingly small.  Maybe they're better for sliders.

Milk Splash "Liquid Milk Enhancer"
Apparently 'syrup' is not politically correct anymore

Eggo Seasons Pumpkin Spice
We bought a box of these today and Payton ate some already.
His review: "They're the bomb"

Blue Diamond Almonds "Bold"
Habanero BBQ and Wasabi and Soy Sauce
Eating nuts with 'intense taste' is all the rage these days.

Assurance Casual Style Boxers for Men
"Maximum Absorbency"
Peeing yourself is more fashionable than ever.

There's one product I will never ever ever need.
Plus, I've never liked plums.
Or explosive diarrhea.

This gentleman in the blue shorts was in the cookie aisle
at the same time we were.
This was the farthest he was able to stand up straight and shuffled when he walked.
It was like looking into the future of Ken... 2-3 months from now