Friday, June 13, 2014

Lucky likes pay day

I, like many people, celebrate a special occasion every couple of weeks:  Pay day.

I got paid yesterday and it was especially important for Lucky.  He ate the last of the dog food in the house on Wednesday and he had to wait until last night when I had money and could go to Petsmart for a new bag of food.

He's a pretty moderate eater so it takes about six weeks to go through a 40 pound bag of food.  I just hope each time it starts running low that his eating habits time out with a fresh set of funds for my bank account.

He was good and hungry when I got home from Petsmart.  I opened the bag and filled his bowl and he went right to work on it.

Lucky likes pay day.

The Petsmart dog food aisle at Grant and Swan
Or as Lucky calls it: "Jackpot"