Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ready the second time

Yesterday was a milestone in my life.  It was the first time I've ever had a car I've owned fail an emissions test.

The car was 'not ready' yesterday.  The computer had several systems that had not run sufficient checks on itself to satisfy the folks at the emissions station after the repairs on Monday and Tuesday.  Click here for the story of yesterday's saga.

The long drive last night paid off.  I attempted a second test after work today at the Stocker Drive Emissions Station and it passed!  No issues.  I paid the $12.50, took the printout, and was on my way.

I paid the registration tonight online on  It is one of the great wonders of the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department.  You can get a duplicate driver's license, change your address and get new documents when you move, even register to vote.  And, most importantly in this case, renew my car registration.  I'll get the sticker and official registration in a few days in the mail.  I believe providing proof it's paid for and just waiting for the sticker to arrive should get me out of a traffic fine if for some wacky reason I'm pulled over.

It seems, unless a meteor falls from the heavens and lands on my car, that I'm out of the woods regarding vehicle issues for a while.  I'm glad this little episode of Ken Carr car soap opera is over.  Now I can get back to more important things like taking naps.

Emissions testing facility on Stocker Drive off of 22nd Street
This time the Ken Carr car was ready and so were they.
It's an emissions testing match made in heaven.