Saturday, June 28, 2014

Earthquake strikes Arizona

A 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck eastern Arizona tonight just before 10:00 p.m.  It was centered near Duncan, Arizona -- about 100 miles east of Tucson.

It's the first earthquake I've ever felt.  Which is weird to say considering the number of years I lived in northern California.  I never felt one while I was there.

I was laying on the couch tonight watching TV.  I had felt flu-like symptoms all day (don't know what caused it) and was being lazy flipping through the channels.  Anthony had gone to bed and Lucky went in the bedroom with him.

The couch started shaking and I could hear the whole building shake.  At first, I thought it was a plane flying over but it seemed like too much shaking for that.  My next thought was some sort of major catastrophe involving an air conditioner on the apartment building roof.  Or, maybe an explosion in the vicinity although I had not heard a boom.

I decided to check @whatsuptucson on Twitter and sure enough, I started getting Tweets by the dozens saying they felt the shaking.  It turned out to be an earthquake, the second strongest on record in Arizona.

It apparently knocked some people's pictures on their walls askew, and rattled a few nerves.  That was followed by Tweets saying things like "we will rebuild" and "when is FEMA getting here?".  It was a dramatic event with no harm done.  Those can become pretty funny.

I was sent a photoshopped picture by my buddy Alex Steiniger which I wanted to share:

"Earthquake In Tucson"
Coming to a DVD player near you.
I make a stunning Ava Gardner.