Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How trashy

I am often curious as to what happened that causes things to occur.  I don't lose any sleep over life's mysteries, I just wonder.

There was a couple pieces of trash on the lawn below my master bedroom balcony when I got home from work today.  An empty plastic bottle and a wad of masking tape.  I'm wondering why they're there.  It's likely that I'll never know.  So, I take pictures.  That doesn't solve any of life's mysteries but it's a good distraction for my curiosity.

The landscaping crew will be here in the morning so the items will be gone.  If you lost a wad of masking tape and an empty plastic bottle, you'd better hurry to retrieve them while they're still there.

The red and white glob on the left is a wad of masking tape
and there's a plastic bottle abandoned on the right.
How trashy.

Besides the trash items, there are plenty of leaves.
If you are a pack rat, I've got some handy nest items for you.