Saturday, June 14, 2014

ChicKEN Chimichanga at Casa Del Rio

Anthony and I tried a new restaurant tonight:  Casa Del Rio at Pantano and 22nd Street.  It's not new to Tucson, but we had never eaten there before today.  I've heard their radio commercials on 106.3 The Groove and finally got around to trying it.

It's a decent size place with a pretty homey atmosphere.  The waiter that took care of us was great.  I thought the prices were pretty reasonable, too.

We both had chicken Chimichangas for dinner while Anthony told me about the guy that is helping him with his math homework (for the college class he's taking this summer) and I got him up to speed on the latest that's been happening at my work place.

Good times!

Casa del Rio Mexican Restaurant at Pantano and 22nd Street

Anthony loves chips and salsa.
He tends to eat too much of them before dinner arrives.
Here he illustrates the speed in which he shovels
chips into his pie hole.

ChicKEN Chimichanga at Casa Del Rio.
It was delicious but realized I should have
ordered it enchilada style.
You live, you learn.