Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dinner on opposite sides of the street

Anthony and I are definitely a one of a kind pair.

It's pretty rare when we sit down at a table across from each other to have a meal.  We did that a lot when we first met years ago, but these days we tend to eat at different times or sit on opposite ends of the couch.  I'm not complaining, it works for us.  But it's kind of unusual.

One thing that happens is that we do get the chance on the weekends to eat at least one or two meals at the same time.  We don't eat out on the weekdays (or very rarely).  So, weekends are a chance to dine together and enjoy some restaurant made food.  But, together sometimes means two different restaurants.

That was the case tonight when Anthony wanted a sandwich, I wanted a burrito, and he wanted to eat at home.  I'm always the one to go and get us food from out of the house so I stopped at two different restaurants across the street from each other east of Craycroft on Grant:  Paco's Mexican Food and Burger King.  I got a burrito, he got a chicken sandwich.

We both end up happy, both eat the same time, and other than a little extra time and fuel, no big deal.

My Saturday night dinner was from Paco's Mexican Food
east of Craycroft on the north side of Grant Road.
I ordered a California Burrito at sunset.

Across the street from Paco's, the Burger King on the south side
of Grant Road east of Craycroft is where I got Anthony's dinner.
He asked for a Chicken Big King but they screwed up the order
and gave me a beef Big King.
He ate it anyway... probably to be nice to me so I
didn't have to go back to the restaurant.

The Burger King drive thru window where they
can't seem to get orders right lately (they've screwed up our last two).
Don't they know who I am?