Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Barry is coming The Barry is coming

I posted a message on Facebook today looking for suggestions on fixing the Ken Carr car.  It's been sitting for the last week in our reserved parking space resembling a two ton paperweight.

I've been amazed in the last few years how kind people are on social media.  The nice things that have happened to me as a result of participating in Facebook and Twitter have been remarkable... from a job at Fox 11 a few years ago, winning free stuff, to Barry, who thanks to a Facebook connection has offered to come by tomorrow to take a look at my car to see if he can offer a diagnosis or possibly discover it's a simple fix.

The weather is going to be brutally hot the next few days so I'm hopeful it's not a tough fix so I can drive myself again.  I'm really grateful for the rides from Anthony but it's always better being under my own power.  Plus, I need to go get the registration renewed and that requires a smog test.  I can't get the smog test when I'd need to push it in.

Here's hoping it's a simple fix.

One of these is currently a large paperweight
and it happens to be the one I own.