Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ken Carr car is back in business

I'm the luckiest bastard on Earth.

Thanks to the Facebook connection with Barry, a mechanic who works at Thoroughbred Nissan, the Ken Carr has been repaired.

My worries about extensive and expensive damage due to pack rats wasn't the problem.  There was a pack rat that ate some of the firewall insulation under the hood, but the rat didn't do any damage to the electrical systems.  It turned out that the car needed a new set of spark plug wires and spark plugs, and an ignition coil replaced.  $138.30 in parts and the car is running fine again.  He was so kind to not charge me anything for labor even though I tried to give him money and even beer.

I just need to go get the car a smog check tomorrow and the registration paid for and I'm all set for a while (hopefully).  I hadn't had a chance to go get the smog check before the car broke down.  The registration is only a few days late so the late fee won't be that much extra.

I fully expected $1,000 or more in repairs.  I don't know why I'm so fortunate that it worked out the way I did, but I'm really really grateful.

Barry, you are nominated for sainthood.  At least on the Kentastic world!

Here's Barry the saint fixing the Ken Carr car
I'm back in business!