Saturday, June 21, 2014

Going Back Back to Burger King Burger King

The title of this post is a nod to an old Sir Mix-A-Lot song (in case you wondered).

Anthony has been a mess the last couple of weeks thanks to a college class he's taking this summer.  He needs it to be able to apply to grad school.  It's some kind of difficult math class and he hasn't slept well, has streaks of procrastination about studying and doing homework, then announces how difficult the class is about every ten minutes.  I keep telling him that he should attempt to enjoy it since he loved going to college so much when he went to University of Arizona, but so far my suggestion has not stuck.

We did grab a quick dinner tonight out of the apartment so at least that was a minor distraction.  We ate at the Burger King at Grant and Craycroft.

He finishes this class on Thursday.  I'll be happy (for him) when it's over.

We ate (once again) in an empty restaurant.
Burger King at Grant Road and Craycroft.

Extra long BBQ burger, Chicken Big King,
fries, and a nice pile of ketchup.

Anthony poured salt on his fries and he spilled
a bunch on the tray liner.
He said, "I hope that doesn't mean bad luck".
I hoped it didn't mean increased blood pressure.

Anthony's Chicken Big King sandwich.
This looked pretty good, which sandwiches made at fast food restaurants
usually don't look anything close to the TV commercials.
Way to go staff at the Grant and Craycroft Burger King.