Friday, January 23, 2015

The thing hanging out of Anthony's car

I went to check the mailbox, which is out by the street, when I got home from work and I noticed something hanging out of the driver's side rear door of Anthony's SUV.

It stuck out to me because I noticed it yesterday but since he drove to Oro Valley and back for work again today and it was still there, I thought it might be something that was a part of the car. I decided to KENvestigate because this is the kind of thing that Anthony doesn't pay any attention to. I was hoping it wasn't something that was part of the door that was falling off.

It turned out to be a grocery store receipt from Basha's, one of the fancier stores in the Tucson area. The first thing I thought was, "Wow, that receipt is remarkably clean for hanging out of the bottom of the door for at least two days and traveling about a hundred miles like that" and the second thought I had was, "Hey, he's been cheating on Walmart Neighborhood Market with some fancy store! How dare he!" I'm the one who insists on going to Walmart so it didn't really surprise me that when left to his own choice, he opted for the fancy. He's always had much more expensive taste than I do.

The only item I could read at the top of the receipt (you'll see in the photo below) was "cookie boxes". Or as he refers to it, "breakfast".

The thing I noticed hanging out
of the bottom of Anthony's SUV

It was a receipt from Basha's.
I hope he enjoyed his
"basic cookie boxes"