Sunday, January 11, 2015

Calendar signing at the Arizona Home Show

I mentioned in my last blog post -- I was asked to appear for a couple of hours yesterday at the Arizona Home and Garden Show, located at the Tucson Convention Center (TCC), to sign fundraising calendars for Cakes For Causes.

I enjoyed hanging out with Rene, Jessica, and Jeanne from CFC, and besides signing some calendars and chatting with people, it was a fun opportunity to take a few Kenparazzi photos.

Poster at the Cakes for Causes booth
announcing the calendar signing.

This was my favorite part of the poster.

I thought this was a hockey puck.
Turned out to be a puffed rice cereal treat.

These were some of the delicious
sweet treats for sale at the
Cakes for Causes booth.

They make an umbrella for cupcakes
and muffins.
Who knew?!

Now THIS looks like a delicious
piece of cake.

I tried to eat it.
Turned out it was made of Styrofoam.
Life can be so unfair.

Employees from the Reid Park Zoo
talk to the crowd about
the animals housed there.
Thank you zoo employee for
covering your mouth with your
arm when you sneeze.

Dwarf screaming hair armadillo.
Sounds like a date I've had.

This guy was blowing his wood.

Doggies from the Greyhound rescue.

I found this funny because it looks
like he's walking a dead dog.
Turned out it was just tired.

Here's Jennifer Phelps' booth.
She makes regular appearances
on the Morning Blend to help
viewers with organizing.

Kenparazzi moment:
I shot this candid photo of Jennifer
eating her lunch.
Photos of people eating make me laugh.

More eating, this time...
not so candid.

This is how Adam and Eve
got into soooo much trouble.

The woman at the curtain poked her head
through, I asked her to do it again so I
could take a photo.
When I did, Jessica apparently needed
to clear her nasal passage.
I have impeccable timing.

Food trucks outside of the TCC

Rene bought me lunch.
Thanks Rene!

Tri-tip barbecue sandwich.
It was Kentastic!