Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The face of Tuff

Each week on the TV show, we have adoptable pets on from organizations like the Humane Society Of Southern Arizona, Pima Paws For Life, Hermitage Cat Shelter, and a variety of smaller specialty breed organizations. All of us who work on the show enjoy meeting the animals that visit us.

The animals are often difficult to take pictures of because they move around a lot. I end up challenging myself when I'm shooting photos on the set to try and nail at least one that I think looks good.

Today we were visited by Tuff, a one year old Shar Pei male mix, from the Humane Society. He's a really great dog, good looking boy, and while affectionate was also energetic.

He apparently likes to look at himself in the mirror. While he was on TV, he saw himself in the monitors and seemed to enjoy looking at his image. It ended up being my opportunity to shoot a great photo of his face, which was quite expressive.

Whoever adopts this dog is going to get a really great companion. I just hope they don't have a lot of mirrors (or TV monitors) in their home, or Tuff will spend all of his time in front of the mirror looking at himself.

Now that I think about it... reminds me of Anthony.

Tuff the dog.
With a face like that, who wouldn't
want to look at himself all the time?