Monday, January 12, 2015

Thank you Ridgepointe

The last piece of business with Ridgepointe, the apartment complex we just moved out of a couple of weeks ago, was finding out what the status of the deposit was.

Moving out of an apartment can be scary. Every property management company has different standards for what they look for when assessing what they consider to be damage.

I spent many nights, weekends, and countless hours cleaning. The only thing that I knew could be trouble was the minor carpet damage that we had caused.

I was happy when I opened the envelope that came in the mail on Saturday. We got just over half of the deposit back. I considered that very fair.

Thanks Ridgepointe for four good years, and getting some money back.

Here's what I got back from
my deposit at Ridgepointe.
I can now afford 164 McChicken sandwiches.