Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Brrrr

I had New Year's Day off work. It's the last holiday off for six months -- the next one is Memorial Day at the end of May.

I did my best to really take the day off. I slept in, and when I let Lucky out at about 9:30 a.m. there was still snow on the ground from the night before.

Anthony treated me to New Year's dinner at the Tanque Verde and Grant McDonald's. That's the one with the dinosaur theme. But, they redid the interior recently and no longer have the dinosaur theme inside (a crime if you ask me). There are two dinosaurs outside, one at the corner by the traffic signal and the other near the west side entrance. They now paint that one with holiday themed colors (it was red and green when we were there yesterday). It looks ridiculous.

I also needed to wrap the pipes for the outside sprinkler faucets on the house. I've never lived someplace where that was an actual necessity so I had to make my best guess as to what to buy at Lowe's to get it done. Anthony held the flashlight while I cut the foam insulation, attached it to the pipes with duct tape, and put the muff thingy on the end where the faucet is to keep it from freezing. We've had a few nights of below freezing temperatures so it ends up being necessary. I don't want Anthony's mom (who we rent the house from) to kill me later for not doing little maintenance tasks like that.

Today was a pretty routine workday. I froze my butt off all day at work (it wouldn't kill the company I work for to turn on the friggin' heat) and now get to enjoy a weekend of trying to put more stuff away from the move.

Quite a stimulating start to 2015. If the rest of the year is like this, I may need to regularly check my pulse to make sure I'm alive.

Looking out the window through the bars
at the snow covered Ken Carr car

Snow still on the ground mid-morning
after it snowed the night before.

I hope this is the only snow we get this winter

Snow on the mountains as seen
looking north from my backyard

Snow in this planter in the backyard.
I don't think the dead plant really cared.

Dinner at the Tanque Verde and Grant McDonald's.
This used to have a dinosaur theme.
Now it has a 1970's-ish theme.

The employee that took our order asked
for my name.
My name is now "Can".
I want to change my last name to "of worms"

One of the now wrapped pipes outside the house.
It's now dressed for the ice age.