Monday, January 12, 2015

The destructive power of feminine products

I've learned what destructive power that feminine hygiene products can possess.

A plumbing company was at work today cutting holes in the walls near the first floor restrooms. Lots of holes. The reason they had to hack into the walls: Someone (of the female persuasion) has been flushing their used feminine napkins and/or tampons, and it caused a clog that broke a drain pipe. This issue was discovered recently when there was some flooding in that section of the building that leaked into multiple offices. When the plumbing company originally came out to investigate what was causing the flood, the drain snake revealed that a feminine hygiene item was to blame.

The reason they had to do so much cutting (as you'll see in the photos), is that they have to find where the drain pipe has been compromised so the plumbing contractor can repair it.

It makes sense that anything flushed that has any mass to it will cause a potential clog. It's pretty amazing, however, that what looks like hundreds of dollars in damage was caused by a feminine hygiene product.

At least it's proof, and I can confidently say this, that I didn't do it.

UPDATE 1/13/15: I can admit when I am wrong, and it turns out I was wrong. Apparently the reason the holes were cut into the walls was not to find a damaged pipe. It was to dry the walls and insulation out since those areas had gotten wet. I don't know that much about construction. Oopsie.

Holes in the walls near the floor
outside of the women's restroom

Holes cut under the water fountain

Holes in the wall outside
of the men's restroom

More holes outside of
the men's restroom

Holes cut in the wall
in the graphics department office

Holes cut in the wall
in one of the production
department's video editing rooms