Friday, January 16, 2015

Here's what $384,313 looks like

I was reminded today that I'm poor.

I've never had very much money. I think one of the reasons why is that I never learned how to. I've managed to stay employed 99 percent of my adult life, but have just never made a truckload of dough. Being money oriented is a learned skill, and I just never learned how. I'm always so busy working, I often forget that I should worry about the money part.

This isn't a sob story or me whining about not having money. It's about having moments where I realize I'm way out of my financial league in some situations.

I went with show host Tina to a video shoot for the show at an RV sale today at the Pima County Fairgrounds. I have no idea sometimes how the other half lives until I go to something like this. I know that RVs are expensive, but I really had no idea until today just how expensive. It is the kind of expensive that makes me wonder how anyone can afford an RV. Then, there were dozens of people there looking at the vehicles and I realized there are plenty... and I'm not one of them.

The first third of the segment was shot in one of the most expensive vehicles they offered. It is built on a bus chassis and it's spectacular. It had a shiny opulent tile floor, leather seating, four big screen TVs including one for outside (used apparently if you want to tailgate and watch sports while you're barbecuing), two bathrooms, granite countertops, a dining area, fireplace, washer/dryer, and push out sides that give you much more space.

It was on sale. Who doesn't love a sale? The discounted price is $384,313 -- which was over $40,000 off it's regular price.

$384,313. Holy crap. I felt like a hobo sitting in this thing with my $20 clearance rack Target sweater and $25 Old Navy jeans. I've never even lived in a house that expensive.

Again, not a sob story. Just perspective.

I took a bunch of pictures while the shoot was in progress. I figured I'd never have the chance to stand in a vehicle that pricey again.

They offered me a bottled water at the end of the shoot when we were leaving. I almost didn't take it because I thought since I wasn't a customer, it wasn't appropriate. Then, I remembered that they were selling $384,313 RVs. Maybe a fifty cent bottle of water wasn't so much of an imposition, after all.

Here's what a $384,313 RV looks like.
It's a steal, over $40,000 off.

It has a flat screen TV outside.

Sales manager Darren and show host Tina
walk around inside.

One of four flat screen TVs
and a fireplace on the left.

The kitchen is about as big
as the one at my house.

Looking toward the front with
show host Tina and videographer Scott
getting ready for the shoot.
That's another flat screen TV
above where the driver sits.

Bedroom with queen size bed.
Where the magic happens, of course.


It may be a spectacular RV
but it does make me look chunky.
It might also be the sweater,
or the fat.

Washer / dryer


Dual vanity sinks

View looking forward standing
at the very back of the RV

Flat screen TV in the bedroom

Full size side by side
refrigerator / freezer

Scott sits in the passenger seat
at the front of the RV

About to roll the video
for the segment

Walking to the next shoot location.
The RV on the left is a steal
at only $139,998, but we were
heading to another $300,000+ unit

A long row of RVs that cost
more than many people's houses

The next portion of the segment
being shot outside of a Winnebago
RV, priced just under
the first one we were in

Inside the Winnebago, while it's explained
that in Arizona, you don't need a special
license to drive one of these vehicles

A look into the Winnebago with
the same level of opulence that
was in the first one we were in

Resuming video shoot

Inside the exposition hall at the
Pima County Fairgrounds, where
they had plenty of RVs and fifth wheels
at a little lower price point than
the units outside

More video shoot next to this Winnebago
Mercedes RV, which goes for the
low low price of $95,068

The Mercedes/Winnebago comes with
doors that open at no extra charge.

Fifth wheel trailers on display.
Guy with cane sold separately.

Winnebago still makes their classic
Brave model, which you can take
home for only $87,631.
It takes someone more 'brave' than I
to afford one.