Friday, January 16, 2015

Fatal accident at Valencia and Houghton

I was driving back to the TV station after the video shoot today (1/16/15) with show host Tina, and we happened upon what looked like a pretty serious traffic accident at Valencia Road and Houghton in the southeast part of Tucson.

There wasn't a lot of traffic at that intersection when we got there, so it didn't delay us much.

I handed my camera to Tina, and she took a couple of pictures since I was driving. I didn't know until I got back to the station and checked Twitter that unfortunately, someone died in the crash.

I always think accident scenes look exciting, but I never wish anyone to be hurt or killed.

The intersection was shut down to east and west traffic for hours while investigators worked on the scene.

Driving north on Houghton approaching
Valencia, with a lot of emergency
vehicles on scene of an accident

It appeared to be a pretty violent accident.
RIP to the victim who didn't survive.