Sunday, January 25, 2015

Prime rib sandwich, burrito soup, and bikini cream

It's the end of a pretty uneventful weekend.

I didn't get much done yesterday except take a long wonderful afternoon nap and all of my laundry. I did leave the house for about 30 minutes last night to buy a burrito at Paco's Mexican Food at Grant and Craycroft, and stop at Circle K to buy Anthony a few candy bars to eat for breakfast this morning.

After I gave Lucky a bath and took an afternoon nap, we had our usual Sunday excursion today to eat dinner out and go grocery shopping. Dinner was at Culver's at Broadway and Camino Seco. I tried their shaved prime rib sandwich for the first time. I've eaten a lot of delicious things from Culver's, but the prime rib sandwich isn't one of them. It reminded me of eating a Steak-Umm but pretty greasy. I'll stick to the burgers at Culver's in the future, thank you very much.

Anthony and I went to the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco to do our weekly grocery shopping. That was pretty routine except for the ten minute wait we had behind a customer who attempted to price match every single thing in her cart. Price Match is a service Walmart offers where if you find an item advertised by another store at a lower price, Walmart will match it. It's a nice service if you use it, but it sucks if you're behind someone who attempts to do it to an entire cart full of items. The only reason it was really an issue is because the prime rib Culver's sandwich was already causing my digestive system to go into overdrive, and let's just say "holding it" was causing my legs to go numb. And that is your too much information moment for today.

Our order number at Culver's was 98
which is also my age.

My view of Broadway looking out
the window next to our booth
at Culver's.

We didn't eat in an empty restaurant today
but it wasn't very busy.

Anthony looks like a mad scientist
while deciding what custard he should
eat after his dinner.

Our dinner at Culver's:
Chicken strips and cheese curds for Anthony,
fries and a prime rib sandwich for Ken.

The fries were delicious.
The prime rib sandwich was
mean to my stomach.

Great Value Whole New Potatoes
at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
I think most people prefer new potatoes
over old ones, but I have never
taken a formal poll.

Campbell's Chunky Soup
Their new varieties are getting weird
including "Hearty Pizza" and
"Beef Burrito".
I want to meet the person who approves
these flavors so I can tell them they're stupid.

More weird Campbell's Chunky Soup flavors
include Philly Style Cheesesteak.
The Beer-N-Cheese actually doesn't
sound half bad but that's cause
it has bacon.

Hot Pockets Chipotle Beef
I'll bet it looks the same coming out of you
as it does on the box.

I had to take a Looka
at the Looka.

Ritz Bacon crackers.
Oh yeah, I bought 'em.

Goldfish Honey Bun Grahams
The best invention since the wheel!

Goldfish Vanilla Cupcake and Strawberry Shortcake
The second and third best inventions since
the wheel!

Kaos Water Balloons
I really really really really
wanted to buy these and
take them to work.
But, I realized that if they were used
there was a giant chance I'd get fired.
Never mind.

"Hey Anthony! I have something for you!
And, it works on delicate areas!"
He doesn't seem very excited.