Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fog rolls into Tucson

This winter has offered some unusual weather for Tucson.

It snowed (pretty heavily for this area) on New Year's Eve, and this morning the city woke up to relatively thick fog. Visibility in the area of town I live in (near Grant and Swan) all the way to work near Speedway and Kolb was less than a block.

Fog always reminds me of the years I lived in the central valley of California. I drove some nights (and even some days) in some of the thickest fog I had ever seen. I often commuted between Stockton and Sacramento or Stockton and Modesto, and driving at night with 100 feet of visibility (if I was lucky) was some of the scariest driving I have ever done.

Fog is unusual in Tucson. It is always so dry here that the conditions nearly never occur that can cause fog. It caused a bit of a stir with the locals and plenty of photos posted on social media. I took a few myself.

Fog looking north from my backyard.
Normally you can see mountains
and much farther than those palm trees.

The fog looking west from in front
of the Ken Carr World Headquarters

The fog driving east on Grant Road
at Beverly near Tucson Medical Center

The fog driving east on Grant Road
approaching Wilmot Road

The fog driving south on Kolb Road
at Speedway Blvd

The fog looking east from the
back parking lot at KGUN.
Can't see any mountains.

The fog looking north toward the
back of the KGUN building.
Eerie. Spooky. Eeeek.