Friday, August 9, 2013

One Direction toothpaste at Target

Anthony and I went to Target tonight.  He needed to get some ink for our printer, and I needed to go somewhere besides the couch on a Friday night.

I love going to the store because it amazes me sometimes what people will buy.  Today was no exception.  We were back in the health and beauty department, and I spotted One Direction Colgate toothpaste.  If you're not familiar, One Direction is an enormously hot pop boy band (at least they're hot right now) from England.

This sort of thing can be blamed on New Kids On The Block.  Rewind back to around 1990 when the boy band craze first started and they were huge.  Their management got the brilliant idea to sell New Kids On The Block merchandise in stores like Target and Walmart.  There was just about anything you could imagine that had New Kids On The Block printed on it.  That made so much money, that every major pop artist since then has done the same thing.

I didn't buy the One Direction toothpaste.  But, if One Direction introduces underwear, I'll be all over it.

One Direction Colgate toothpaste at Target.

Sneaky photo following Anthony around at Target.
I couldn't talk him into buying the One Direction toothpaste.