Saturday, August 10, 2013

94.9 MIX-fm Baby Fair

I went to the Tucson Convention Center (known as the TCC to people who live in Tucson) today to take photos at the 94.9 MIX-fm Baby Fair.  I have not been to an event like this with the DSLR camera I recently acquired (Nikon D5100) and I thought it would be good experience using it.  I also brought my Canon SX50 superzoom bridge camera and shot a handful of photos with it indoors.  It does not do well with inside, low light action photos so it quickly was put away.  The lighting in this ballroom sucked for photography.

FYI -- I do not have a baby nor plan on acquiring one, it was just a visit to an event to shoot photos.  Lucky is enough work already!

These are a sample of the photos I shot.  To see the whole album, click here.

94.9 MIX-fm Baby Fair entrance inside of the TCC

Baby Fair attendees make their way in

My co-worker Matt in the white polo, and co-worker Kelly in the black top

Sacks of goodies await Baby Fair attendees

MIX-FM's Mrs. Grant and her kids, Bobby Rich, and KGUN 9's Jennifer Waddell and her daughter

Jason Barr, Jennifer Waddell, and Big Al from KGUN 9 sign autographs

KGUN 9's Jennifer Waddell with her two children.
Blow up that balloon Zach!

A lot of people and a lot of children at the Baby Fair.

Baby carriage lifting at the Bookman's booth.

94.9 MIX-FM's Bobby Rich introducing the Daddy Diapering Olympics

Bobby Rich's footwear.
Who needs laces?

Dads competing in the Daddy Diapering Olympics at the Baby Fair.
Gotta get the dirty diaper in the bucket.

The Daddy Diapering Olympics Winner!

More people, children, strollers at the Baby Fair.

MIX-fm booth

KGUN 9 Traffic guru Big Al and anchor Corinne Hautala compare midsections.
One of them is pregnant, I'll let you guess which one.

Leslie Lois and Bobby Rich from MIX-fm, and promotions assistant Joe

The Diaper Derby has these six toddlers competing.
Whoever makes it across the carpet first wins.

This little girl is focused for the Diaper Derby win!

This is Arabe, who seems to have a future as a KGUN 9 reporter.
Or at least feels that microphones are a fun toy.

I wasn't allowed in here.
I don't think they knew I could be helpful.