Friday, August 30, 2013

Animals are soooo cute!

This week on the TV show we devoted half of each show to the Humane Society for the Speak for Animals Telethon.

I personally have love for the Humane Society because that's where we got Lucky and he's been a wonderful addition to our home.

The Humane Society was successful in reaching their $25,000 goal.  And, they brought kittens, puppies, and even a rat on the set this week.  Wonderful animals that were enjoyed by those of us who work on the show and many of my other co-workers as well.

My camera was working overtime to capture the cuteness.

A kitten finds these eyeglasses fascinating

A cute little rat being held by a show host

Triscuit the puppy

Paprika, a Shepherd mix puppy

This Chihuahua mix goes for an ear lick

April has made a new canine friend

Puppies spark a lot of joy

Puppy, meet J.P.

Down on the floor

All the attention wore these puppies out.
They fell asleep before their time on camera.

Even the Humane Society mascots are cute!