Saturday, August 10, 2013

BMX show at the Tucson Convention Center

I went to the Tucson Convention Center (the TCC as it's known by Tucsonans) today to shoot photos of the 94.9 MIX-fm Baby Fair.  You can see those in a separate blog entry.

While I was there, I shot some photos of another event happening at the TCC:  The Southwest BMX convention.  It was a sight to see from the windows on the second floor overlooking the exhibit hall.  There were thousands of BMX bikes and tons of riders.  BMX has really grown into a popular sport.  Based on the number of youth, it's obviously popular with people in their teens.

Check out the sheer number of bikes as seen from above the exhibit hall:

BMX convention at the TCC.
They apparently don't use kickstands, so they turn the bikes upside down.

Bikes and bikes and bikes and riders and riders and riders.

BMX bikes and the people who love them

It's almost like Los Angeles traffic!